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ATEEZ comes back with the symbolic MV for THANXX

Full of references, ATEEZ brings the fans an energetic, colorful and charismatic MV

When ATEEZ‘s promotions for the release of the new album ‘ZERO: FEVER PART 1’ started, fans faced an impasse. Despite the general preference for the ‘THANXX’ track, fans chose to vote for ‘INCEPTION’ for the album’s title track. The problem was another case of cultural appropriation in the hairstyle of one of the members, leader Kim Hongjoong.

The young leader had been not long before that very vocal about his support for his black fans, as well as asking the fans to call them out if they ever make a mistake. Partial to a series of social movements, like painting one fingernail that represents the one in five children who experience violence, for The Polished Man. He has also been seen wearing a Miley Cyrus’ Happy Hippie Foundation ring, a non-profit organization whose mission is to rally young people to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth, and other vulnerable populations. Therefore, it sounded a little off for the fandom to believe that was Kim Hongjoong‘s choice.

The Atiny showered KQ Entertainment with e-mails. And they got a response! Not the one they expected, but one at least. Facing demands that the MV be edited, along with the promo pictures, KQ Entertainment said they couldn’t do it. Atiny then tried to be comprehensive and asked the company to at least edit a warning in the MV, telling people they didn’t mean any harm for using cornrows on their member, and that they were sorry.

For that, they didn’t get an answer.

And that’s how ‘INCEPTION’ ended up as the title track.

People say the fandom does look and act like their favorite artist, and if that’s true, then ATEEZ is certainly on the right path.

Today, after the ‘INCEPTION’ promotions, which won two trophies, ATEEZ posted ‘THANXX’ MV. Full of colors, strong choreography, and pointing out the similarity between schools and prisons, the MV leaves nothing to be desired. The clothing choices, the scenarios, and the unexpected ending make ‘THANXX’ a piece that must be watched. The song talks about youth and the changing times. The narrative makes it clear that things are fluid and won’t stay the same forever, and the world should be left in the hands of Generation Z. It’s a clear, fun way, of saying their own “okay, Boomer”.

Come and watch ‘THANXX’s MV, and get captivated by ATEEZ‘s charisma.


Written by Lun Rezende





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