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    GOT7 faz comeback com “Last Piece”

    Após o lançamento do pré single ‘Breath’, GOT7 está de volta com o MV de ‘Last Piece’. A música, que teve a colaboração de JB na composição e na letra, é a faixa título do álbum ‘Breath of Love: Last Piece’.  Cada integrante do grupo colaborou em pelo menos uma faixa do álbum. Youngjae trabalhou na letra […] More

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    Stray Kids breaks virtual barriers in online concert

    This year was not ideal for the entertainment market. Unfortunately, in a year when everyone was looking forward to the world tours of their favorite K-Pop groups, the COVID-19 pandemic undid all plans and contracts that were already signed. We had artists canceling entire tours, groups postponing concerts until next year, and all based on uncertainties and […] More

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    Wonho’s true colors make his debut track pure art

    Since October 2019, all Wonho fans have been going through very strong emotions. After unfounded rumors that caused him to leave Monsta X, fans all over the world united online. They trended support hashtags and expressed their love for Wonho every single day until the announcement that he was cleared of all charges. In the months that […] More

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    ATEEZ comes back with the symbolic MV for THANXX

    When ATEEZ‘s promotions for the release of the new album ‘ZERO: FEVER PART 1’ started, fans faced an impasse. Despite the general preference for the ‘THANXX’ track, fans chose to vote for ‘INCEPTION’ for the album’s title track. The problem was another case of cultural appropriation in the hairstyle of one of the members, leader Kim Hongjoong. […] More

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    Review – Our name is María!

    Hwasa’s long-awaited mini album arrived, where she shows her alter ego María, which is a piece of each one of us. We are all María.   “Intro: Nobody else” The importance of loving yourself and in remembering that we are always alone.Living up to other people’s expectations and aspirations in the name of being kind and sweet, is […] More

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    Monsta X – Fantasia X Review

    After the release was delayed for a few weeks, fans finally had the pleasure of meeting Monsta X‘s new song ‘Fantasia’. ‘Fantasia’ was originally one of the title options for the group’s previous album, released in October last year, that ended up with ‘Follow’ – which was first in Melon in the days before this comeback – […] More

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    Review – Day6 The book of us: Demon

    Gravity affects entropy, generating disorder.Then, the demon comes to take advantage of the situation trying to decrease energy of us all. And so ends The Book of Us Day6’s series. Participating intensively in the creative process of this mini-album, the members came up with a proposal for something that cannot be seen, which is separating us and […] More

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    From Zero: Wonho is back

    After nearly six months of much protest, fans of the group Monsta X finally started seeing results last month, when Wonho was cleared of the charges against him about illegal use of marijuana. After this news, fans were constantly asking with hashtags on Twitter that Monsta X‘s company, Starship Entertainment, would reinstate the former member in the […] More

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    Wonho: The first step towards a more humane industry?

    It was with joy that on Saturday (14) fans of Monsta X received the news that Wonho was acquitted of the accusations made to him in October, about the illegal use of marijuana. Believers of the innocence of the idol who left Monsta X on October 31, fans have since created projects, protests and trended hashtags for […] More

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