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#FreeVictor: an explanation of what’s really happening to Victor The Drummer

Can you imagine if justice forbid you to do what you love most? To use your social networks and express yourself? Keep reading to understand the case of Victor Han.

Who knew that a broken drumstick would be the trigger for what seems like an endless nightmare? The act, very common in world-famous rock bands, did not sit well for Corona X Entertainment. The band About U had just debuted when drummer Victor Han broke the drumstick he used at the end of the performance at the traditional Inkigayo. It was enough for his expulsion from the band to happen and for a truck to move his belongings from the company.

Victor is the son of a Brazilian father – the musical actor Cleto Baccic – and a Korean mother, and has lived in Seoul since he was 10 years old. He has always had a very close relationship with music, which he has been dedicated to for the past ten years. Of those ten years, eight he spent as a trainee at Corona X Entertainment, led by one of the former presidents of SM Entertainment and his business partners. There, Victor lived with the other trainees, but unlike most companies, they did not receive any training.

After being disconnected from the band, Victor had to go to court. When he started his own YouTube channel, Corona X Entertainment decided that he could not use his own image because he was still linked to the company. It turns out that unlike other countries, within South Korea a contract can be broken by words only. It is not necessary for any document to be signed for the validity of a contract to cease to exist, as long as both parties are aware of the fact. That’s what happened to Victor, who shortly after his fateful Inkigayo performance was verbally expelled from About U by one of his bosses. In court, Corona X Entertainment said that Victor was never expelled, but that he ran away.

So why did the company send a truck to make the moving for the former member?

Victor won – with hard evidence that he was telling the truth – the legal dispute. However, Corona X Entertainment filed an appeal. Normally, when this happens, the other party is called upon to enter its own defense to refute the facts.

This did not happen with Victor.

With no defense option, he was informed that a judge other than the one who gave his victory decided that he could not use his own image. Victor is prohibited from using his social networks. Posting a simple photo of his coffee could get him into trouble with justice. A company that in several situations said that if About U was not successful it would be because of his appearance, now intends to retain his image rights.
Criticized by staff for not having the Korean phenotypes, for wearing colored contact lenses – like the ones that many idols wear – and for his skin tone, Victor got more followers than he expected in 24 hours on YouTube channel. He started with covers, vlogs and soon became popular with television channels and other famous influencers.

With a legion of fans around the world who currently raise the hashtags #JusticeForVictorHanTheDrummer and #FreeVictor hope the Korean justice will accept the appeal he will file and review the case. Victor has proof of his innocence, supporters worldwide, and a lot of talent yet to show.

His channel currently has 492 thousand subscribers.


Written by Lun Rezende





#FreeVictor: entenda o caso de Victor Han

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