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From Zero: Wonho is back

Former Monsta X member Wonho signed on Friday (10) with Highline Entertainment

After nearly six months of much protest, fans of the group Monsta X finally started seeing results last month, when Wonho was cleared of the charges against him about illegal use of marijuana.
After this news, fans were constantly asking with hashtags on Twitter that Monsta X‘s company, Starship Entertainment, would reinstate the former member in the group. It was weeks of complete silence, until this Friday, without further notice, the news came that Wonho had signed an exclusive contract with Highline Entertainment. The company is a subsidiary – formerly called House Of Music – of Starship Entertainment, and home to artists such as DJ Soda, dress, among others. Shim Seran, the CEO of Highline Entertainment used to be the marketing manager for Starship Entertainment, and worked with Monsta X in the Rush era.

Perhaps this conclusion is not what the fans expected, having their expectations broken when they realized that Wonho‘s profile was removed from the Monsta X official fancafe, along with opening his own official social networks, where he will communicate with fans and publicize his solo projects. But on the other hand, the decision he made to pursue his artistic career is due, in large part, to the resounding support of the fans. He mentions in his first letter on his own fancafe that he is grateful to the fans for giving him a second chance. He also speaks with regret about his past, which he is leaving behind and starting again from scratch.

“You must have suffered all this time because of me. I can’t go back in time and change that I hurt you. What I can say is that I will no longer make you suffer and that I will work to heal your pain, so that your heart can be filled again, there is something I want to say one more time. If you are tired, feel free to rest. Don’t continue to suffer because of me. What I want to do is work to become someone who, if you need to rest, can be a source of comfort for you …
Thank you for giving me a chance to become a better person. In the future, I will do everything with gratitude. Thank you for helping me keep my promise.” – Letter that Wonho wrote in his official Fancafe

It was also announced that his agent in the United States will be Eshy Gazit of Epic Records, responsible for Monsta X‘s international promotions and English album, showing that Wonho does intend to invest in the market beyond Asia as a producer and solo artist.

Of course, you can feel a bittersweet flavor in the air for this victory, but it is a victory that should be celebrated. Without these efforts divided between ads, billboards, messages and hashtags, it is unlikely that Wonho would choose to return to the music market. With his image tainted by false accusations – but which had a negative impact on how he is seen in Korea – it would be common if he simply disappeared from the public eye, perhaps at most he would have followed a path in the indie/underground market. It was the unconditional support, messages from fans and affection received from all over the world that made him change his mind and believe in this second chance he received to follow his dream, proving once again that words written on the internet hold power: to lift or to knock out.

The future may not be certain, there is no safe way to guess what will or will not happen, but at the moment it looks much more positive than it did six months ago.

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Written by Lun Rezende





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