Lovely and mature, Minzy talks about her journey as an artist

On this interview Minzy talks about her past, present and future

When we think about icons on Kpop, we can think of several people and MINZY is certainly one of them. With a career spanning over a decade, she reinvents herself and gives us the opportunity to see her journey. “Lovely” is a gift to the fans for growing up and moving on with her. On this interview, Minzy tells us about her past, present and future.


Say K: You are an inspiration and a role model for a lot of people. Who inspires you and what keeps you on track?

Minzy: I’ve watched and listened to old school classic – Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, TLC, Missy Elliott, Michael Jackson. They’re legends and very important to me.


SK: You started your career at a really young age. What are the good and bad points about it?

M: I’ve achieved a lot of things that I wished in such a young age. I toured all around the world so I’ve experienced and learned about other cultures, and met amazing people.
But on the other hand, working at a really young age made it impossible for me to live like a typical teenager, making me have no special memories with my school friends. That part is really sad.

Minzy está de volta com 'Lovely' - Say K!


SK: What advice would you give to the new generation?

M: Enjoy your youth, don’t waste your time overthinking or worrying too much. Believe in yourself and do your best 😉


SK: “Lovely” is a song that shows a new side of you to the fans. What does this song mean to you in this moment?

M: The single ‘Lovely’ is my gift for my fans. They’ve waited too long for my music so I really wanted to surprise and heal them at the same time. In fact, when I was having a hard time I started to write what I was feeling and came up with the lyrics. It ended up giving me a positive vibe. So I hope my fans feel better when they listen to “LOVELY’.


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SK: Do you think a 2NE1 reunion is something the fans can expect?

M: We would love to collaborate! We respect and we’re each other’s fans. If we have a chance, it will happen.


SK: What is something that professionally you have always wanted to do?

M: I would love to produce an album, and share my ideas with a lot of people

And also, I have tons of tips and skills. So I want to guide the new generation as a singer and life coach.


SK: How was your experience releasing your latest single independently? What was the best part, and what was the most difficult?

M: I produced all kind of things on “Lovely”

I was involved in every single detail which makes really difficult to me because I was extremely busy at that time.

But at the end of the I’m so grateful that my efforts give people to coziness and happiness.


Minzy makes clear her affection for Brazilian fans and her desire to return as soon as possible!

While this time to meet her fans in person is not possible, you can talk to her at the “Highway Meet”, a video call fanmeeting produced by Highway Star production.

You can get more information on the link below, in English too:

Highway Meet com Minzy: saiba todas as informações sobre o evento virtual

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