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Monsta X – Fantasia X Review

With six members, Monsta X makes an energetic and significant comeback

After the release was delayed for a few weeks, fans finally had the pleasure of meeting Monsta X‘s new song ‘Fantasia’. ‘Fantasia’ was originally one of the title options for the group’s previous album, released in October last year, that ended up with ‘Follow’ – which was first in Melon in the days before this comeback – as a choice to be the working song. It is undeniable that both tracks are energetic, with heavy beats made to dance and in a way they complement each other.

Fantasia X ranked first on today’s Hanteo real-time charts, proving good physical sales on launch day. Characteristic of Monsta X, the new album has the well-known and acclaimed heavy rap on all tracks, even the only ballad among so many dance tracks won’t let you standstill.

Unlike previous albums, Fantasia X already starts with the title song, without an introduction. ‘Fantasy’ is like being suddenly woken from a deep sleep by a party going on in your room. There is no peak in music, in its three minutes and five minutes, ‘Fantasia’ escapes this formula and maintains the energetic rhythm from the beginning to the end.

And if ‘Flow’ comes with a lighter rhythm and telling you to let life flow, to let go of the past, ‘Zone’ comes to destroy everything. It is the song that will certainly take the audience off the floor at the show, as the members themselves said, it is the track made for the listener to have fun. It is where the group detaches itself from the sentimental lyrics and asks the listener to put aside worries, it’s time for fun.
Unlike what many may have imagined, Monsta X does not deliver an album with sad ballads that talk about their personal experiences in the last few months, it is a message that says the time to cry is over, they are here and there is still a lot of life to live, a lot to see and hear, and Monsta X is here to do what they always did: put a smile on Monbebes’ face.

And perhaps what makes this clearer are the last two tracks, ‘It Ain’t Over’ and ‘Stand Up’. The message of ‘It Ain’t Over’ is clear when the members ask for the confidence of those who are listening, because as much as they are in a maze where nothing is exactly easy, they have not yet reached the end. There is still a lot to experience, and times can be difficult, the paths will not always be a bed of roses, but will only end when they reach the end, which will not happen anytime soon. It can be a message to Monbebe: they are fighting for you, they always have been and always will be.

It’s open for interpretation, of course, but if connected to ‘Stand Up’, ‘It Ain’t Over’ makes sense as a message too. A message that not everything is easy, but that clinging to the past does not make the present any better.

‘Stand Up’ is probably the lightest tune on the entire album, but with the most powerful lyrics. In addition to Ye-Yo!, the lyrics were composed by Jooheon and I.M, the one with the greatest participation of the group. Talking about getting back up after a bad period, the song asks everyone to stand up, because after the storm the sky clears and you can see the sun. Sadness happens, tears cannot always be kept, but the message is one of hope.

“After the pain, there is joy. After joy comes happiness. After happiness comes love. Don’t frown, everything will come.”

After the official launch of the MV, the group also had a showcase broadcast, where they showed the complex choreography and the group’s performance power, making it clear what they came for: success.

You can listen to ‘Fantasia X’ in full on Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms.


Written by Lun Rezende





Review – ‘Fantasia X’ (Monsta X)

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