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NCT 127 fan creates ‘Kick It Challenge’; and the group recreates the video

Markia Bolden’s post garnered almost a million views in five days. She says she did not expect the repercussion that challenge had

While getting ready to go to a party, 18-year-old Markia Bolden and her friends came
up with the idea of recording a video to the sound of Kick It, a new song by the k-pop
group NCT 127, and launched the Kick It Challenge.

What Markia, or Kia, as she is called on Twitter, did not expect was that the video
would reach almost one million views and be recreated by the group itself.

The video was released last Sunday (8) and marked the beginning of the hashtag
#KickItChallenge, in which fans dance to the beginning of the song or the chorus. On
Wednesday (11), NCT discovered the challenge and posted versions of them on
Twitter, including a recreation of Markia’s video.

“I can’t even describe how I felt! I was already over the moon when they liked our post, but to actually do it and do the exact moves, I was…. just so happy and moved that I started crying”, said Kia

She says that the video was only published after her friends encouraged her, but she
did not expect the challenge to become a success within the fandom.

“I only posted it because my best friends gave me the confidence to and I only thought my mutuals would see it. I didn’t expect 127 to see us in bonnets”, she jokes.

Only 5 days since the publication, the video has already gained over 980 thousand
views and 70 thousand likes on Twitter and moved the fandom, which enjoyed the
challenge and started launching its own versions of Kia’s video.

“I feel overwhelmed yet very happy that the video is almost at one million views because although many have been nothing but sweet and supportive, there have been others saying negative things. We’re just not use to having this kind of attention I guess”, she says.

In the beginning Kia even tried to talk to those who criticized the video or left
malicious comments, but now she opted to ignore them. “I’m done explaining myself and I have a lot people supporting me, a few negative comments aren’t worth it”.

Creator of the tag, she is also keeping an eye on those who post the challenges and
always leaves positive comments on the videos of other NCTzens, the name given to
the group’s fans.

“I love supporting as many nctzens as I can! I’m extremely grateful that they even did the challenge and I’m glad they have the confidence to post themselves! I’m even more happy that other people give them sweet comments”, she concludes.


Written by Giovanna Orlando





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