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Review – Day6 The book of us: Demon

Gravity affects entropy, generating disorder.Then, the demon comes to take advantage of the situation trying to decrease energy of us all.

And so ends The Book of Us Day6’s series. Participating intensively in the creative process of this mini-album, the members came up with a proposal for something that cannot be seen, which is separating us and making us increasingly cold to each other.

“Maxwell’s Demon can observe the state of a system and take advantage of favorable situations to decrease entropy.”

In “Day and Night”, Day6 is showing us how Maxwell’s demon interferes in our lives, uniting what is similar and leaving aside the differences that can create something new and important.

“Are we being played somewhere Can it please stop now…”


“Zombie” is the outburst of the generation: routine, lack of purpose, lack of emotion and lack of true relationships, which all together create a generation of zombies in the great age of information and indifference. The statement here is that of saying that we are not alone and that we can be understood.

“I feel like I became a zombie With an empty head and an empty heart…”



“Tick Tock” shows us the time of things which are ending, such as a warm and powerless relationship, but those involved do not admit it. They watch love ending and have nothing more to say, but not being silent, just listening to the clock ticking as the distance only increases.

“When the conversation ends so does our relationship…”

We can also draw a parallel with the game “Tick Tock: A Tale for two”, which is totally based on communication.The game revolves around two people on two different devices, who have to talk and solve the puzzles together to be able to continue the game.


Right after, “Love me or leave me” comes to put an end to the story of this love that is already over; it is all or nothing; even for the person already feeling the coldness of the distance and knowing the answer, listening to it becomes a necessity as it is the only thing left between the two.


“Whether the end will come or not It’s decided by your words…”


“Stop” shows the side of a person who finds himself/herself betrayed and surrounded by lies and excuses from his/her partner. Even after trying to fix it, the other person would make a mistake and lie again, thus breaking up being the only option, since trust is over.

“No matter how I try to think of a solution There’s no answer…”

“1 to 10” talks about surrender to a love that will always be there in difficult times, and that is safe enough for someone to give themself to love completely.

“I’ll give it all give it all for you…”

“Afraid” shows someone’s fear of losing a loved one, but finding that the other person is not fully happy  when they are together. Our feelings and experiences, good or bad, shape us. Falling in love with someone and thinking about the possibility that our wounds could hurt our loved ones, makes us afraid, because after all either staying or letting go, there is always someone who will get hurt.

“You’re like the moon lighting up the dark sky You’re light is gradually being obscured by my darkness…”

The English version of “Zombie”, differs from the Korean one, showing us the hope for a future that we do not know if will arrive, how it is and if it exists. A time when there is no more pleasure in living, and one wishes the end of the day waiting for the next, hoping for


The two Zombies are a cry for help, making us think that when we are deeply inside ourselves and trying to deal with our problems alone, we do not realize how many of these problems are not exclusive to us, how other people also have them and know how we feel. We are a generation of zombies who have been taught to be self-sufficient, highly productive and saturated by the information surrounding us often we have not been allowed to live our human side, understand our feelings and anxieties, estranged to our own selves. When we realize that many are just like us, we can understand where our society has taken us and that this is not an individual problem, but rather a systemic one. Together we can change things , so to be collectively able to recover our colors and individual inner brightness.


Ultimately, in physics, Maxwell’s demon separates the particles – but does not decrease the entropy. Day6 came to know exactly the message they wanted to send: it may seem that there is something that will separate, weaken and cool us, but our energy will never end it will only increase, for as long as we are together, being different in all forms and intensities.

Rafa Soli

Written by Rafa Soli




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