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Review – Our name is María!

Hwasa’s long-awaited mini album arrived, where she shows her alter ego María, which is a piece of each one of us. We are all María.


“Intro: Nobody else”

The importance of loving yourself and in remembering that we are always alone.Living up to other people’s expectations and aspirations in the name of being kind and sweet, is the worst form of loneliness.

Hwasa opens the album by questioning us, and following that essence throughout.

The alter ego “Maria”, who felt lonely but realized there are many powerful Marias in the world, so human, full of qualities and flaws like her, with common issues but nothing trivial. Through the attacks of several, who kill us little by little, we can come back and fight back even stronger. María rests, but doesn’t give up.


“Kidding” talks about the ironies of relationships – what was once bad becomes funny. It shows how the situation looks like from the outside, distant, exposing the joke that relationships are worn out. In some relationships we feel guilty about several things, but when we’re out, we can see that much of that blame is not exclusively ours, if the partner does not evolve and keeps making the same mistakes.


“Why” is based on Hwasa’s personal experience. She says she had difficulty expressing her feelings, and ended up not showing the person she liked how important he was. The ideal question for her would not be “Why?” but “How”. For we can do everything for the one we love, but our everything may not be enough.


We’re often sad and may feel guilty, since our most profitable commodity in society is happiness. In “I’m bad too”, Hwasa tells us that it’s okay to be sad. Nobody’s life is a colorful path, we all suffer and feel sadness on the journey, understanding our situation and looking at the reality of people around us. We can support each other and not feel guilty about our emotions. Happiness is good, but it is not the only feeling we have.


“LMM (Lost my mind)” is the outburst on the pillow when we are alone. Even if we have good things in our lives, we can feel lost and with an uncertain future. The despair and sadness that often come with the loneliness at the dark of the night are also part of our journey. Hwasa shares this and reminds us in the last verse that “flowers bloom even in the falling rain”. We are made of moments, however separate moments do not define us entirely. We are made of nuances.


“Twit”, already acclaimed, closes the album saying that you shouldn’t love a person, especially if that person is not yourself. Loving someone unconditionally, regardless of who they are, will not make you feel less lonely. So, don’t be silly, there is a person you should love first of all.


María gives us a lesson, showing our most “ugly” and vulnerable side, which we think is weak. But at the end of the day we realize that she is part of everyone.

With so much in common, we became María.




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Rafa Soli

Written by Rafa Soli





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