Wonho releases ‘Losing You’ MV as preview for solo debut

With live premiere, Wonho presented fans with ‘Losing You’

Late night on a Friday (14) Wonho opened a chat on his YouTube channel. The goal was to watch ‘Losing You’ premiere together with fans. The MV is not yet Wonho‘s solo debut, he should finally be released as a soloist on September 4th.

Wonho sends a message about love in the lyrics of ‘Losing You’. In appreciation to the fans and full of symbolism, the song is in English. The music has a melancholic tone and it is impossible not to join Wonho and shed tears with the veracity of the feelings described in the song. In October 2019, he voluntarily left Monsta X after accusations of marijuana use, and since then his fans have been fighting for him ceaselessly. From post-it’s in front of Starship Entertainment – his old company – to LED trucks and billboards in Seoul, and daily hashtags trending on Twitter, fans have never lost hope.

In March, he was cleared of all charges, and days later announced his hiring by Starship’s subsidiary Highline Entertainment as well as Maverick Records in the United States.

Watch the ‘Losing You’ MV! Welcome back, Wonho!


Written by Lun Rezende





Wonho lança MV de ‘Losing You’ como prévia para debut solo

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