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Wonho’s true colors make his debut track pure art

After almost a year, Wonho debuts solo with ‘OPEN MIND’

Since October 2019, all Wonho fans have been going through very strong emotions. After unfounded rumors that caused him to leave Monsta X, fans all over the world united online. They trended support hashtags and expressed their love for Wonho every single day until the announcement that he was cleared of all charges. In the months that followed, billboards showing support and in celebration of his birthday were spread across Seoul and all over the world, returning the love that Wonho has always shown for his fans.

If artists try to show fans their importance in their career, we can say that Wonho managed to do this primarily. And he was so true about it that absolutely nothing can shake the bond he has built with the – now – Wenee.

It was after many obstacles that Wonho finally makes today (04) his solo debut. Almost a year later he is finally able to deliver to fans his first solo album, ‘Love Synonym # 1: Right For Me’, from which we have already met the heartfelt ‘Losing You’. He not only got signed into Highline Entertainment, he has also managed to get signed right away under Maverick Records, where he will have his international career managed.

Proving he’s serious about his passion for music, Wonho shows his true colors in the ‘OPEN MIND’ track. It’s a more mature sound, very different from everything else he has put out before going solo. It’s a deep house sound that matches perfectly the pitch of his voice. And if the fans missed the duality Wonho can provide, they will have to wait for his lives and public appearances, because ‘OPEN MIND’ is a sensual track with very specific visuals. The MV makes it worth the wait: Wonho is back and ready to show us a new side.

To bounce back from such a strong fall demands strength, demands faith in himself and the web of love and support he has created. This is an unique feat, and Wonho deserves a standing ovation for it.

Watch the ‘OPEN MIND’! The song is also available in all streaming platforms!


Written by Lun Rezende





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